The dollar index rose, moving in sync with U.S. Treasuryyields, which have edged up in anticipation of a goodjobs number. The index was on track for a 12th straight week ofgains, a feat not seen in four decades, and highlighted howbullish investors were about the dollar's prospects.

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"Then the psychological therapies can come in. It's crazy that someone is languishing on benefit at a cost to the state whilst they could be getting back into work getting their life back together again with appropriate funding."

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The mesh solar panel forms the first electrode. Beneath, theresearchers placed a thin sheet of porous carbon (the second electrode) and a lithiumplate (the third electrode). Between the electrodes, they sandwiched layers of electrolyteto carry electrons back and forth.

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Arizona freshman quarterback Anu Solomon finished 20-for-31 for 287 yards and a touchdown. Jones-Grigsby gained 115 yards on 27 carries, and running back Nick Wilson added 92 yards and two touchdowns on 13 carries. Wilson also caught a touchdown pass.

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Linn's shares closed at $29.08 on Thursday on the Nasdaq. Upto Thursday's close, the stock had risen about 12 percent thisyear. (Reporting by Swetha Gopinath in Bangalore; Editing by SimonJennings and Kirti Pandey)

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"Conditions were everywhere pretty simple, even primitive. There were staff but little equipment — we saw beer bottles recycled as drips," said James Hoare, a British diplomat who visited rural North Korean hospitals in the early 2000s.

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The Eurostat figures showed a rebound from July’s 0.4pc slump. Anna Zabrodzka, economist at Moody’s Analytics, said that “despite this improvement, spending will be soft in the coming months, as euroland households face a number of hurdles that will subdue discretionary spending”.

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I also practise meditation for 20 minutes every morning. I’ve done this regularly for about 15 years and even before that a little bit, because you do some meditation at the end of a yoga class and I’ve been taking those since I was 16. At the moment I’m practising transcendental meditation, one of the purest and simplest forms.