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The support group says chlamydia can also cause infections in the fallopian tube without any symptoms being shown, so women can go months with the disease untreated. This silent infection can lead to permanent damage to a woman's uterus and fallopian tubes.

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"I've waited all my life to come here and honestly I wish to die here, so getting a virus is the last of my fears. As you see, I'm already in a wheelchair," said Ismail Saleh, a 71-year-old pilgrim from Egypt.

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Polls by the Datafolha and the Ibope institutes releasedafter markets closed on Thursday showed Rousseff with growingchances of winning re-election in a second-round vote on Oct.26. Her main challengers are almost tied for second place in afirst-round vote on Oct. 5.

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But the bank is reluctant to use that loophole for infrastructure assets, because the potential returns are usually only about half the 18 to 20 percent it can earn from private equity investments. The bank will earn a management fee and likely a 20 percent cut of fund profits, but will not earn much in the way of additional returns given the 3 percent limit on its investment.

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It’s just as well Benn is a compelling speaker, though, given that that’s effectively all the film has to offer — outside of the odd and stagey set, we’re in archive footage country, seasoned with a handful of apposite classic movie clips.

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The STOXX 600 euro zone banking index had tumbled 4percent on Thursday, dropping after the European Central Bankgave no new hints over the prospect of an imminent sovereignbond buying programme, leading some in the market to scale backbets on this happening.


The prickly saga - which saw Britain acting as a middle-man while Germany and Japan bickered about the naming rights of a Margaret Thatcher rose - stretches over more than 40 pages in the former prime minister's 1984 personal papers.

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"I think that's the risk you take when you play the way we play football, we send a lot of bodies forward in a positive and attacking fashion," said Oxlade-Chamberlain. "As a team we do work on trying to stop that at source. Sometimes you do get countered and I think teams maybe set up to do that against us. But, as I said, you can't have everything. You either don't send so many bodies forward or you do and sometimes you can be susceptible to the counterattack."

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Officials believe up to 160 Australians have been either involved in fighting in the Middle East or actively supporting groups fighting there. At least 20 are believed to have returned to Australia and have been said to pose a security risk.

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He flew into Buenos Aires on September 17 before heading to the ski resort of Bariloche to start a 1,350 mile filmed trek along the country's famous Patagonian Highway - route 40 - to the world's southernmost city of Ushuaia.

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Arsenal’s Wojciech Szczesny, who is the lowest-placed goalkeeper of the current top four teams with 13 points, shipped six goals the last time he was at Stamford Bridge and anybody with the Pole in their Telegraph Fantasy Football team may consider shipping him out for the weekend.

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The next day we travelled another 200 miles to Varanasi, the holiest Hindu city, a place of faith for 30 centuries. Hindus believe that to die within the city or to have one’s ashes scattered in the river here is to escape the cycle of reincarnation and achieve eternal liberation. Dozens of bodies were burning next to the river. It was one of the most astonishing places I have visited.

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He said that while other sites, such as Twitter Inc, had complied with the requests and removed the photos, Google was still displaying them in its search results and hosting them on its YouTube and blogspot websites.

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Chris Williamson, chief economist at Markit, cautioned that, although the index suggested GDP growth of 0.8 per cent in the three months to September, the economy could “slow faster than anticipated” in the coming months.