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However, the House of Commons international development committee said in a report on Thursday that both the European Union and the UK’s Department for International Development had done nothing about the fact that billions of pounds of health aid had failed to be delivered.

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All around them high-ranking government officials are locked up, opposition members are imprisoned, the private press has been gagged for decades and President Isaias keeps flexing what military muscle he has by constantly threatening another border war with Ethiopia.

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A sluggish recovery in exports and a slowdown in imports - as well as a fillip from the weak yen - should probably help next week's current account balance data maintain a small surplus, the poll found.

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Klein has wrestled throughout the trial with the question ofwhether to confirm the cash-strapped city's restructuring planwithout imposing payment reductions to the California PublicEmployees' Retirement System, as well as other creditors slatedto take a haircut.

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We know Ellie's son, Tom, had the phone. He erased all of Danny's text messages but why? He also wiped the entire contents of his hard drive. What was on there? It's clear Tom knows something critical.

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"Both of us want to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. But I say that is not enough. You want to prevent it from (being able to) develop a nuclear weapon in a short term, of weeks or months. What is called breakout time," Netanyahu said in an interview with Israel's Channel 10 television.

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The Ebola impact is wrecking rural farming areas in Liberiaand Sierra Leone which are still recuperating from the civilwars of the 1990s that also drove farmers from the fields anddevastated rural communities.

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** Steelmaking group Ternium SA agreed on Thursday topay 616.7 million reais ($247 million) to pension fund Previ fora stake in Usiminas, as a battle for control of the beleagueredBrazilian mill heats up.