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Enthusiastically logging his visit with photos on his twitter feed, Prof Horton mentioned in his speech that he was particularly moved by a meeting with the imam and the rabbi of the city of Acco, in northern Israel.

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Daniel Sturridge’s absence cannot be underestimated. His last appearance against Spurs – alongside Mario Balotelli – gave the impression Liverpool would continue to flourish and rip opponents apart as they did last season. Without him, the goal threat is minimal. Joe Allen has also been missed. His diligence in midfield frees space for both Steven Gerrard and Jordan Henderson, and Liverpool look more balanced and dominate possession with the Welshman in the side.

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"The Italian government is looking to draw up legislation that could make it worthwhile, tax-wise, for Telecom Italia to invest in this through another company and not as Telecom," a source with knowledge of the matter said.

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"The rapid rise in heroin overdose deaths follows nearly two decades of increasing drug overdose deaths in the United States, primarily driven by (prescription painkiller) drug overdoses," the study found.

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Finally they look ahead to this weekend’s ‘Race of the Falling Leaves,’ the Tour of Lombardy, and Daniel has some news on Mark Cavendish and his plans for the winter and next season.

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Norwegian scientists looked at the smoking habits of over 13,000 men and women. They then looked at any potential links between the incidence of asthma in children and their parents' smoking habits prior to conception.

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North Korea, founded by the young Kim's grandfather when a post-Japanese colonized Korean peninsula was divided into North and South in 1945, is a hereditary dictatorship - making the health of its leaders an especially sensitive subject.

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“Excitingly, this research, although still at an early stage, could potentially lead to the development of new medicines to prevent life threatening asthma attacks,” said Walker in a statement.

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"The levels of overcrowding and staff shortages are impinging on nurses' ability to provide safe quality care to patients. This overcrowding in the month of September is unprecedented and can only get worse as we enter the winter months," commented INMO industrial relations officer, Clare Treacy.