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To be fair, when recently eating habits are broken down by geographical region, Europeans do eat fruit more than any other snack, at just one percentage point ahead of chocolate. For North Americans, meanwhile, fruit gets nudged down to fifth place, behind chips, chocolate, cheese and cookies.

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There are more than 90 accredited zoos in Australia, all seeking to cash in on people's fascination with the country's native wildlife. Australia's wildlife tourism industry has an annual economic impact of several billion Australian dollars, according to the government.

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The union’s professional officer Jane Beach said: “Our members will feel that they have been kicked in the teeth by the NMC which pushed ahead regardless, riding roughshod over the strong opposition of its registrants.

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In fact, going up a skirt size over a 10-year period increased the risk of developing breast cancer after the menopause by 33%. Going up two skirt sizes over a 10-year period was linked with a 77% increased risk.

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Despite the number of records Mock broke, few people knew of the flight or its historical significance, said Kelley, the wife of Bill Kelley, who funded a statue of Mock in downtown Newark, about 30 miles (45 km) northeast of Columbus.

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Drissi was traveling to a conference for his employer, Cisco Systems, in Las Vegas on Aug. 22 when he placed his hands under the woman's blouse on her breast and attempted to place his hands inside her pants.

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The Federal Reserve, which will make U.S. rules, declined tocomment. Countries can draw up rules that are tougher than theglobal agreement, with the Fed in particular seen as one of themost hawkish regulators.