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Quite simply the image is not the correct dimensions or not the correct format. Please be sure to check the dimensions and file size of your image before upload. It is important to ensure that these are correct as we want the image to look as it should The minimum width is 620px, the minimum height is 290px. Maximum file size is 2MB. The formats we accept are .jpg .gif .png.

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“It may be the lure of my vulnerability but I think it also has a lot to do with me slowing down. I normally race around, a hundred things going on in my head, with my eyes on the ground. That’s because — how ironic — I am always worried about falling over. I live in heels… normally I can run around in stilettos from 7am to midnight and think nothing of it. It’s the uniform.”

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After looking at Goldman's platform, Gurle agreed to partner with the bank. One critical decision was to make Symphony an open-source platform, allowing users to customize it to their individual needs.

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The accusation prompted the famed photog’s countersuit, in which he claims that “White used lies and deception to leech onto” him. He claims she presented him with a consignment agreement in a “dimly lit nightclub, with music playing and the drinks flowing.”

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HTC said on Friday it earned T$640 million ($21 million) inunaudited net profit during the July-September quarter, wellabove a T$216.23 million mean estimate of 13 analysts polled byThomson Reuters. In the same period a year earlier, it turned ina loss of T$3 billion.

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But he did voice some rare health-and-safety concerns, saying: "Generally invigorating as this exercise is, it is correspondingly fatiguing and should not therefore be recklessly persevered, especially by pupils possessing but a small amount of physical strength."

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“I’ll be ready,” he said. “But a tournament like that also requires some luck, so one doesn’t get hurt. One should find ways to win quickly. As I see it, it’s not always the better fighter who wins. You just have to remain unhurt and be the better fighter on that day. Winning quickly is always best. Let’s see how it goes.”

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Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong clashed with police outside government offices as tensions ran high on Friday morning, despite an eleventh-hour agreement for talks, as China said the demonstrators were "doomed to fail".

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Showcasing a palette of wild prints in various shades of green, it featured an array of jungle-inspired mini-dresses and flowing gowns, involving delicate layers of chiffon and plenty of leather leaves.

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A number of questions remain unresolved about the case. Chief among them is whether Tokmakjian was guilty as charged or whether Cuba had another agenda in pursuing a case against abusinessman previously favored by top Cuban officials.

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But since waging air strikes in Iraq and Syria, his abysmal disapproval numbers have not budged. Further, the American people don’t even believe him. Seventy-two percent believe the U.S. will end up using combat troops to stop ISIS anyway, according to a new NBC News/WSJ/Annenberg poll.

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The move comes after a year-long attempt to find an outsidebuyer for the company's holdings of Sears Canada. The $380million target is about half of what the company had previouslyindicated its stake was worth.

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"I bought EWZ on Tuesday and will continue to add to theposition as we drop, or perhaps sell upside calls to generateadditional income until folks realize the plunge was overdone,"said Mark Mansfield, an independent investor in Dallas, Texas,referring to a strategy that caps an investor's upside whilestill collecting a premium for selling those calls.

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If the three-way coalition goes ahead, Bodo Ramelow would become Germany's first state premier from the Left, a deeply pacifist party that wants higher taxes on the rich and an expansion of the German welfare state.

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A Los Angeles attorney is threatening to sue Google's top executives, and accused them of failing to remove stolen nude photos of actresses from search results. Google insists it tore down "tens of thousands of pictures within hours."

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Mr Cameron was also expected to reiterate the party’s assertion that maintaining NHS funding will rely on economic growth. He was expected to say: “We know this truth - something Labour will never understand and we will never forget - that you can only have a strong NHS if you have a strong economy.”

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"I can tell you in just over a week's time, we will publish a command paper which will set out some of the ideas for further devolution for tax and spending to Scotland. But I don't think we should rest there..."


The challenge to the Wisconsin law also follows a U.S. Supreme Court order on Monday that cut back on early voting hours in Ohio. The court voted 5-4 along ideological lines to put on hold a federal judge's ruling that had restored hours cut by a new Ohio law.

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The chairman of the German company, Herbert Walter, willstep down after 16 years on the board to make room for Cordes,Bilfinger said, following the resignation of Roland Koch aschief executive in August amid a series of profit warnings.

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"The advent of a new government in India is a natural opportunity to broaden and deepen our relationship," they said, adding they would work on manufacturing, renewable energy and the environment, sanitation, and intelligence sharing, among other issues.

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Her Majesty’s chosen cleaner must be available to prise pink goo off parquet for four hours a day, five days a week (including Sundays), on a part-time salary based on a rate of 15,912 per year.