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Symphony, led by chat industry veteran David Gurle, will allow financial firms, corporate customers and individuals to put all of their digital communications on one centralized platform. Chat messages, texts, emails and tweets will no longer have to exist in separate silos.

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Queens Library chief Thomas Galante used his organization’s funds like a personal piggy bank before being put on leave last month from his $392,000-a-year post, city Controller Scott Stringer found.

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They can then search for hotel rooms in five destinations (New York, Los Angles, Miami, Portland and Tel Aviv) and are presented with a variety of options, with discounts that supposedly correspond with their social media clout.

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The Rothschild appraisal, which was published in asecurities filing, comes as GP Investments offered a price of 19 reais per share on Aug. 8, representing a 36percent premium to BHG's closing price that day.

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Michigan State has been the flag-bearer of the Big Ten all season long as many believe they are the only team that could challenge to make the playoffs, but that conversation will quickly change should they lose on Saturday.

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Almost 1,100 of the women developed cancer during the study period. After taking into account risk factors for the disease, such as family history and use of HRT, the study found that an increase in skirt size was the strongest predictor of breast cancer risk.

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He's earning a rock star's reception at virtually every appearance this week. At a rally for Michigan GOP Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land in suburban Detroit on Thursday, several people told Romney they wished he had won the presidency.


LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The ban by two leading U.S. tobacco growers' groups on the use of child labor puts pressure on Washington to end the employment of children in hazardous and unhealthy work, a children's rights activist said on Thursday.

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Typically founded by a person or small group of people, hedge funds often use borrowed money to make big bets in quite illiquid markets to generate outperformance - all of which leaves them even more vulnerable to changes in management.

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"Of more concern is that the virus could become endemic in Western Africa, so unlike big outbreaks like this we could have smaller numbers of cases but circulating continuously. This is where we need to focus our efforts and attention – on trying to stop this outbreak before it establishes itself in Western African countries.”

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The epidemic is also crippling West African economies via a wide spectrum of factors. International travel quarantines, for example, are reducing revenues from trade, transport and tourism. At the same time, the epidemic has halted a large percentage of the region's agricultural activity, which is expected to affect crop yields on several essential food staples, while creating food price spikes.

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Is it possible that Bollen and Warlin knocked up the video in the 48 hours or so between the announcement on Monday and the verbal mistake on Wednesday? Filmmaker Alice Wagstaffe isn't convinced: "It's easily a full week's work - possibly more. You'd have to sort through all the material, and then the edit would be excruciating."