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Eric Jacobson, senior analyst at Morningstar, said the huge inflows since Friday "makes me wonder if it was a few big accounts or maybe some allocators who have been thinking about jumping and just decided when Bill bailed."

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Mong Kok is popular with visitors from the mainland but not as well known to Western tourists as the luxury shopping area of Causeway Bay, on the island of Hong Kong, where pedestrians were trying to remove protest barricades put up by Occupy protesters.


Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of spending a few hours in the company of a man who, though not at the moment a household name, is likely to be one of the most important figures in the way the world of computer technology develops in the next 20 years.

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The SmartMat team is currently trying to raise $110,000 on Indiegogo. The first 450 backers can preorder a SmartMat for $247. The next 1200 of the backers can pay $297 to get one. All others can pay $347 to get one. If a backer is willing, they can preorder a SmartMat with premium color choices. Most of the mats can be preordered in either grey, light blue or light green. Premium backers can get one in pink or black. The SmartMat will be delivered in waves according the backer level, with the first set of orders arriving in July 2015, and the rest arriving by September 2015.

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"We do know that those most at risk are people whose seizures are not well controlled. This is one of the main reasons why both doctors and people with epilepsy need to work together in getting the best possible control of seizures," Prof Smithson insisted.

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“…Four days later Duncan left for the United States, the Times said, citing the woman’s parents and neighbors.” Mr. Duncan apparently had no intentions of returning to Liberia because he hastily quit his job as a cargo driver just before he flew to the U.S. Question is how many other people from the ebola stricken countries who can afford an airline ticket to the U.S. will be coming for free treatment? I don’t believe there will be enough isolation units to handle the influx of ill immigrants and infected U.S. citizens who come in contact with the ebola infected immigrants.

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It will also lead to more questions for Smith and Vick. The interrogations are highly entertaining. In terms of dealing with these inquiries, Vick has remained in Jeterian mode saying the right things while saying nothing.

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Robert Barton, from Durham University, explained: "In humans, the cerebellum contains about 70 billion neurons— four times more than in the neocortex. Nobody really knows what all these neurons are for, but they must be doing something important."

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Plenty of teams in the NHL have ice girls, including the Islanders, Kings, Flames, Stars and Avalanche. The Rangers disbanded their City Skaters team in 2007 after settling a sexual harassment lawsuit brought by the former captain of the Skaters.

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The production reunites Scott Thomas with Ian Rickson who has directed her in several other acclaimed productions, including Chekhov's The Seagull at the Royal Court for which she won an Olivier award.

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Satellite records show that the year with smallest pond fraction in late spring (11% in 1996) had the biggest sea ice extent in September; and the year with the largest pond fraction (34% in 2012) featured the all-time low extent come the autumn.

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Those short sales of mortgage-backed securities during the last financial crisis might be considered a hybrid, combining as they did a certain amount of fraud in the mortgage process with an unhealthy dose of silly valuations of real estate and derived securities.

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He added: "I was told that they asked for the government of America to have negotiations on those problems, but I don't know whether America is ready or not to release them or have some understandings or the recognition of those crimes they made."

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"I don't know why we've gotten to a place where, as a culture, as a race, if you sound as though you have more than a fifth grade education, it's a bad thing," she said. "That really gets under my skin."

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Their biggest energy drain was the distances cheetahs must walk while seeking prey thanks to man-made problems like habitat loss in grasslands and other areas, fences restricting free travel and people killing too many of the animals cheetahs eat.

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"If I needed any further evidence of a country in decline,here it is. Every time I (see it), I shall think, God helpFrance," he was quoted as saying. "If you've got investments inFrench businesses, get them out quickly."

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Airbus Group has reshaped itself in recent years by reducingthe role of the French and German governments and is basking inrecord demand for its passenger jets, but has often been anunpredictable lightning rod for disputes outside the group.

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It was the first official move to prepare for the plannedNov. 9 vote on separation from Spain since the ConstitutionalCourt agreed on Monday to review the legality of the referendum-- a decision that effectively suspended the ballot.

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Oscar Pistorius, the most famous Paralympic athlete in history, beat the two most serious charges against him on Thursday, when Judge Thokozile Matilda Masipa, took premeditated murder and a lesser charge in that country, known simply as “murder,” off the table.”

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The Association for the Improvement in the Maternity Services (AIMS) Ireland has raised concerns about the HSE inquiry panel, claiming some of its members have too close ties to the HSE. It said the inquiry should be fully independent of the HSE.

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She single handedly reinvented the pencil skirt and got us all wearing them, and now she's doing the same for distressed denim. When they're not showing off super glamorous dresses, she and every other member of her clan - from Kris to Kylie - are going grunge.

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Defence firms, which employ some 80,000 people in Germany,have strongly criticised the stricter approach to deals, and theindustry lobby warned last month that companies were looking toshift production abroad..

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The house had already been on the market for several years, originally for 350,000 euros, but the Italian property market has been as dead as a doornail since the great crash of 2008 and, with no solution whatsoever in sight to the Euro crisis, prices have plummeted.


The combined options volume in September for Petrobras,Vale, Itau and Banco Bradesco, spiked to 4.60 million contracts,about double July and August's average monthly volume of 2.33million, according to Trade Alert.

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If the NFL doesn’t start paying corporate income taxes voluntarily, rather than waiting for Washington, Albany should strip the league of its nonprofit status. Nobody should be forced to support the NFL’s costly and bad behavior, least of all New York taxpayers.

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Prosecutors are expected to argue that executives knew thefull extent of industrial problems on the A380 and thelikelihood of a costly redesign of the A350 when they soldshares up to March 2006. Similar accusations apply to the twoindustrial shareholders, which sold shares in April 2006.

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The new figures are particularly welcome as experts had previously predicted corncrake numbers would fall this year, after the species, which winters in Africa and breeds Scotland, suffered a decline of 23 per cent in 2013.

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But despite our self-induced suffering, partially brought on by making a toast at every wine stop, we were undoubtedly having the time of our lives. Wine, champagne, oysters, foie gras, beautiful scenery, an incredible atmosphere, cheering crowds and most importantly the best of friends – it doesn’t get any better

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The lineup also includes sojourns to Paraguay, New York City's Bronx borough, Jamaica, Vietnam, Tanzania and then takes a deeply personal turn in the episode in Massachusetts, where Bourdain, himself a former heroin addict, takes stock of the drug's ravages.

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During the special PTA meeting held at Brooklyn Technical High School, Asher said he and his staff were blindsided by the disgraced math teacher's actions, which were exposed when he allegedly sent a girl a photo of his genitals and she told her parents.

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But a close look at the 10 most popular plans shows why it is important to evaluate coverage annually. Premium changes will vary significantly. For example, average premiums for Aetna’s Medicare Rx Saver plan will fall 31 percent, while WellCare’s Classic plan will jump 52 percent, on average.

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Thailand hosts about 2.5 million migrants from its poorer neighbors. Many take jobs Thais do not want in fishing, agriculture and construction. Many work as domestic helpers or cleaners in hotels and restaurants.

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In 2011, he despatched a team of students on treks across Israel to find grapes growing in the wild. One problem that they were facing was that the area's past Muslim rulers banned alcohol for centuries, and many indigenous grape varieties all but fell out of use, JTA says. After three years of searching, though, they found 100 varieties unique to Israel, of which at least 10 are suitable for wine-making.

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Though the supporting cast includes Jesse L. Martin, Candice Patton, Tom Cavanagh and John Wesley Shipp — who played the Flash on a short-lived CBS series in the early ’90s — Gustin is in almost every frame and is often running for his life.

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When Arora ran Google's European, Middle East and Africaoperations during his early years at the company, he broke freeof the Silicon Valley-based committee which approved all newhires, according to several people then at Google.

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When Arora ran Google's European, Middle East and Africaoperations during his early years at the company, he broke freeof the Silicon Valley-based committee which approved all newhires, according to several people then at Google.

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Mark reassures those set to make the journey that, with care, they should not be in great danger. "A well-managed centre can be a very safe environment," he says, "You need to remember the basics - move slowly, think, wear safety gear."

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When rookie Jimmy Garoppolo threw a garbage time TD pass on the first series of his career, a big deal was made about Brady not going over and giving him a hug or a high-five although he did congratulate others on the team.

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The 33-year-old cameraman and writer, who has worked in Liberia for the past three years and has covered the recent Ebola outbreak for various U.S. media outlets, will be flown back to the United States for treatment, NBC said in an online report.

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"Ecommerce remains a potent threat to many retail centers, but at this point, that is not what is holding the market back. The overwhelming majority of retail sales activity, roughly 94 percent, still occurs in physical retail locations," Ryan Severino, senior economist and associate director of research at Reis, said.

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California, the first state to implement this law, will require colleges that want to keep their state funding intact to deploy the "affirmative consent" standard when adjudicating sexual assault cases. This means that campus authorities will have to establish whether the partners obtained "affirmative, conscious, and voluntary" agreement. Although non-verbal consent is allowed, verbal is better. And it has to be obtained at every stage — touching, kissing, and foreplay — not just initially.

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An English teen obsessed with fictional serial killer Dexter Morgan will be jailed for at least 25 years after murdering and dismembering his 17-year-old girlfriend - in a sick attempt to emulate his TV hero.

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Dr Thibaud Gruber from the University of Neuchatel explained that the fact that the new behaviours were "variants of the old, well-known sponge-making technique" suggested that chimpanzee culture changes "little by little" - building on previously acquired knowledge to improve an existing tool repertoire.

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“I don’t regret anything,” Johnson said of Idzik’s inability to close the deal for DRC. “You can’t look back. You got to look forward. We made an offer that we thought was fair, and given what we wanted to do . . . I think we made the decision we were comfortable with.”

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* Says announced expectations to 2014 are thus beingmaintained, and Columbus expects revenues in level of 900million Danish crowns and an EBITDA in level of 80 millioncrownsSource text for Eikon: Further company coverage: (gdynia.newsroom@thomsonreuters.com; 48 58 698 3920)

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But now, Amukamara — who teammates once called “The Black Tebow” for his insistence on avoiding premarital sex — is playing with swagger and focus on the field, and Rolle is sure it’s because of what’s happening under the covers. After all, it wasn’t until this offseason that Amukamara got hitched.

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"We do think the jobs report will be pretty good, if you look at the leading indicators they have improved quite a lot," said Kully Samra, a managing director at U.S. investment firm Charles Schwab in London.

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A win is a win, especially when it is over the world No 9 - the highest-ranked opponent Murray has beaten all year. This seventh successive victory means that Murray will leapfrog David Ferrer into ninth place in the race to qualify for the eight spots at the O2. But his other main rivals in that chase - Tomas Berdych and Milos Raonic - also won this morning, so they are travelling in parallel with him.

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The Angels, who led the majors in runs scored during the season were 0-for-12 with runners on base and 0-for-7 with runners in scoring position. Their star, Mike Trout, was 0-for-4 with a walk in his first-ever postseason game.

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The freelancer, who was working for NBC news, discovered he was running a fever on Wednesday, his network said, and is in quarantine in a Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF) treatment centre. Hired by NBC only three days ago, he is the fourth American to contract Ebola in Liberia. The cameraman's name was not revealed, but NBC said he "has been working in Liberia on various projects for the past three years".

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Duncan had helped a pregnant woman who later died of Ebola in Liberia, just days before flying to Texas via Brussels and Washington two weeks ago. Duncan had been staying in an apartment in the northeastern part of the city for about a week before going to a Dallas hospital.

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“NHS patients now need all parties to acknowledge the scale of the demands which will face health and social care over the coming years. With the twin challenges of an ageing population and public health emergencies, it is difficult to overstate how badly a real injection of funding will be needed.

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Arora advocated for Google to acquire online movie companyNetflix in 2009, according to one former Google employee who waspresent when Arora pitched the idea to Google's senior executiveteam. At the time, Netflix had a market cap of roughly $3billion, compared to its current $27 billion valuation.

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"Mr Street can rest assured that the French government really cares about business France is the fifth biggest economy in the world, the second in Europe. It would be senseless for any major international business to overlook such a market," it concluded.

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This time it was 3-2 over the team that had the best record in baseball during the regular season. The homer by Moustakas, the No. 9 hitter in the Royals’ lineup, silenced a red-clad crowd of 45,321 that watched a game packed mostly with pitching and some remarkable defensive plays by Kansas City.

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A fire last Friday forced the evacuation of the Federal Aviation Administration control center in Aurora, Illinois, a Chicago suburb, and severely affected air traffic, with thousands of flights canceled in the first two days.

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“Given that 60 per cent of acute hospitals are now in deficit, the option of simply passing the problem to NHS providers, as the NHS has done over the last four years, carries the risk of tipping the entire sector into financial collapse.”

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The assault, which began late on Tuesday ran into Thursday, was one of several major battles in recent days in which Sunni tribes joined pro-government forces against the militants, in what Baghdad and Washington hope is a sign of increasing cooperation across sectarian lines to save the country.