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The researchers concluded that to tackle overdose risk among prescription narcotics abusers, there is a "pressing need" to fashion outreach programs that better address their unique concerns and perceptions.

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Eric Jacobson, senior analyst at Morningstar, said the huge inflows since Friday "makes me wonder if it was a few big accounts or maybe some allocators who have been thinking about jumping and just decided when Bill bailed."

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There’s no arguing that we’re watching an elaborate work of self-promotion. But director Berkeley is wise enough to look past Harmon to his long-suffering fiancée, Erin McGathy, his nerd army of admirers and, especially, Spencer Crittenden, the introverted Dungeons and Dragons master who joins the tour and becomes a star in his own right. We never do find out what really went on behind the scenes of “Community.” But the delightful success of a charismatic loner like Crittenden could be considered one of Harmon’s greatest accomplishments.