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Two men who police say have confessed to the murder of Hannah Witheridge and David Miller on a beach on the island of Koh Tao, are brought to the scene of the crime and are forced to take part in a reconstruction

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He said there was forecast to be “downward pressure on global gas markets in the second half of this decade as large sources of liquefied natural gas supply are due to come online during this period”.

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When people lose an iPhone (or have it swiped), there's a likelihood they'll try to enable "Activation Lock" in iCloud's "Find my iPhone" feature -- a kind of anti-theft tool Apple makes available to its customers. Apple's new tool lets people plug in an iPhone's unique serial number or International Mobile Equipment Identity number to determine whether Activation Lock has been enabled.

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After a sluggish start to the season, Alabama seemed to hit their stride against Florida, completely dominating the Gators despite spotting them four turnovers. Blake Sims and Amari Cooper are developing a great chemistry together and are making offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin look like an absolute genius.

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The European Commission’s (EC) plans to abolish retail roaming rates within EU altogether by 2016 could be changed to a watered-down ”fair-use’ policy instead, according to a draft report seen by the Financial Times.

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In Liberia, an American freelance television cameraman working for NBC News in Liberia has contracted Ebola, the fifth U.S. citizen known to be infected with the deadly virus that has killed at least 3,300 people in the current outbreak in West Africa.

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Despite a luxury tax designed to slow spending, the NL West champion Los Angeles Dodgers have raised their payroll to a record $255.9 million, according to the latest figures compiled by Major League Baseball, which include roster moves and earned bonuses through the end of the regular season.

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Two large clouds of smoke rose up to the east of Kobani and there were several loud explosions from further inside the town as shelling continued and gunfire rang out, a Reuters correspondent on the Turkish side of the border said.

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Pryor, a conservative Democrat and the son of former three-term Democratic Sen. David Pryor, had been generally well-liked in the state that allowed to former President Clinton to rise to national prominence. He had the misfortune, however, of being challenged by Cotton, an Iraq War veteran, a Harvard Law School graduate and an all-around rising star in the GOP. Of all the vulnerable Democratic Senate incumbents, Pryor has, arguably, distanced himself from President Obama the most, but it might not be enough to beat Cotton, who remains very popular in a state with thousands of active-duty military members.

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Much of the 40 million of taxpayers\' money spent on planning for the now abandoned children\'s hospital at the Mater site in Dublin may have been wasted, the latest financial statements of the National Paediatric Hospital Development Board have indicated.

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“You’ve got to allow people to rebound,” Mornhinweg said. “I’m slow-moving typically with the quarterback deal. Because a lot of times you’ll see where people give up right before it happens.”

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There are a couple of reasons that this jail tale sounds familiar. In a 1976 best seller called “Midnight Express,” Billy Hayes wrote about his 1970 arrest in Istanbul for smuggling hash, five years of incarceration and escape from a Turkish prison. The book became a movie two years later.

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Deutsche Telekom, which makes about a third of its sales anda fifth of core profits in the United States, has tried to sellT-Mobile twice since late 2011 because it sees it as too smallto compete with market leaders Verizon Communications Inc and AT&T.


The court ruled that the language in the Constitution that says legislatures have the role of setting the “times, places and manner” of federal elections refers not to a specific legislative body but to the state’s general authority to legislate on the issue as it sees fit.

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I contacted Axa PPP and it told me that the money had already been paid. In fact, it had only reached your bank account via telegraphic transfer a week after I contacted Axa PPP. This was 17 days after the day the insurer had assured me the money had gone into your account and just over eight weeks after the claim had been approved.

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Oregon had a quick response as Mariota tossed a 6-yard touchdown pass to Allen to put Oregon ahead 14-10 with 9:58 to play. The Ducks were stopped on third-and-5 at the Arizona 23-yard line during the drive before Arizona safety Jourdon Grandon was called for a taunting penalty that gave Oregon a first down.

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"Although the exact mechanism of these relationships need to be better understood, there is a suggestion that body fat around the waist is more metabolically active than adipose tissue elsewhere," the team from University College London said.

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It was put to him that councils were not making much effort to collect historic poll tax debts anyway, with Glasgow only collecting 5,000 last year. The total collected across Scotland had fallen from 1.3m in 2010 in 396,000 last year.

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Though the supporting cast includes Jesse L. Martin, Candice Patton, Tom Cavanagh and John Wesley Shipp — who played the Flash on a short-lived CBS series in the early ’90s — Gustin is in almost every frame and is often running for his life.

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While CIBC's forecasts for jobs growth in September arebelow consensus, Stretch expects an upward revision to Augustnumbers which would still leave the U.S. labour market addingjobs at a fairly brisk pace. A robust jobs number would bolsterexpectations that monetary policies between the U.S. and itscounterparts in Japan and Europe are set to diverge.

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It’s important to remember that not everyone in the pub is at the same level of drunkenness – some might not appreciate you stumbling around and loudly slurring bad jokes at them. To ensure everyone is having an enjoyable time, assess the people around you and act appropriately. Don’t barge into every establishment like it’s a rowdy pub, because sometimes it’ll turn out to be a tearoom, where they won’t serve the finest wines and will offend (and call the police) easily.

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“The walk will also chronicle stories of the experiences of people on the ground facing climate impacts,” Sao said. Participants will deliver toolkits to help local governments boost resilience to climate change, he added.

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In reviewing the swap dealer submissions of policies and procedures — so-called “Section 4s” — the CFTC and the National Futures Association (NFA)– the self-regulatory association charged with implementing swap dealer registration requirements and overseeing swap dealer compliance with Commission regulations — have found numerous requests for more detail, particularly regarding the procedures swap dealers are or will be using to implement their policies.

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Plus, Crystal says it is possible to find a good early bird price on peak weeks such as February half term: book now for a week's half-board at the Hotel Terra Nova in La Plagne, departing February 14, and receive a free child place, €100 hotel credit for each adult and pay 3,276 for a family of four, including flights and transfers.

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"Public cleanliness has for too long been someone else's problem and by putting the onus back on the citizen and voluntarism”, Mr Modi is not only signalling the limitations of state capacity but also calling for a new kind of relationship between the government and the new empowered citizen," it says.

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SINGAPORE, Oct 3 (Reuters) - Brent crude futures rosetowards $94 a barrel on Friday after a three-day slide pulledprices to their lowest since 2012, but the overall bearish toneappears intact amid ample supply.

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ISTANBUL - Turkish consumer prices rise by less thanexpected on the back of a slowdown in food price inflation,analysts say, giving the central bank some room to manoeuvrearound its tight monetary policy. (TURKEY-INFLATION/ (UPDATE 1),moved, by Humeyra Pamuk, 445 words)

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Detectives said the sentencing was the “concluding act in a highly complex, extensive and significant investigation” that had seen three other British con artists convicted of making fake detectors.

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Other PayPal mafiosi said the firm’s upcoming independence would not be enough to overcome its reputation as risk-averse and late to adopt new technology, hampering its ability to recruit top engineers.

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Saudi Arabia, where the disease emerged in 2012, has had 755 cases, of whom 320 have died. Four new cases have been confirmed in the past week, including two in Medina and Taif where haj pilgrims often travel, the authorities have announced.

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Janay Palmer made it out of that elevator alive. Reeva Steenkamp wasn’t nearly as lucky almost one year before that, exactly, Valentine’s Day 2013. Pistorius says he thought he heard an intruder inside the house he shared with Steenkamp, says he thought Steenkamp was asleep in the bed next to him, got his gun, made it to a closed bathroom door without his blades, and started firing away.

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"Kiev did not want to admit the obvious: the area of Donetskaffected by the fire was under the control of the (pro-Russianseparatist) militia and the fire came from positions taken byUkrainian forces," a Foreign Ministry statement said.

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While the commission looked into the potential problems of the merger putting more data about users in one place, it only considered how that could hamper competition in the online advertising market. "Any privacy-related concerns flowing from the increased concentration of data within the control of Facebook as a result of the transaction do not fall within the scope of EU competition law," it said.

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This is completely up to yourself. You can post as an individual or a company. As long as there is a valid profile on the Bdaily site, you can post a job. For help on setting up a profile see the first FAQ

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** Turkish conglomerate Anadolu Group has offered to buy a40.25 percent stake in supermarket chain Migros fromBC Partners, the Financial Times reported onThursday, citing a notification on the Borsa Istanbul stockexchange.

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Ebola virus disease is a severe and often fatal illness. It is initially transmitted to humans from wild animals, but human-to-human transmission can then occur as a result of direct contact with the blood, secretions, organs or other bodily fluids of infected people, or indirect contact with environments that have been contaminated with these fluids.

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The man, identified by Liberian authorities as Thomas Eric Duncan, was the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States. He was last seen by neighbors in the parking lot vomiting on the street.


You would suspect that Mourinho is licking his lips at those words. In a controversial biography of Mourinho, the Spanish journalist Diego Torres has even gone as far as to claim that he has a seven-fold plan to deal with talented attacking teams. The basic overview is that the team who commits fewest mistakes will win and that whoever has the ball is the most likely to make mistakes. Such pragmatism has seemed to tally with Mourinho's approach for certain opponents. Against that, it is no secret that Mourinho is trying to develop a more adventurous identity at Chelsea this season. They have taken more risks going forward, although much less so when they faced Manchester City.

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“We want to keep FireChat free for users. We create additional user time. That means that when your phone is not connected to a network or it’s not connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot, now it has the opportunity to be connected to a device or someone nearby. And during that time, any monetization event that happens, so for example an ad that is displayed or a purchase through an app, an app purchase that happens, we take a cut out of that.”

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The virus is not transmitted through air, but by contact with bodily fluids and is contagious only once there are symptoms such as fever, vomiting and diarrhea. These symptoms are so crippling that it is nearly impossible for anyone suffering them to board a plane, experts say.

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The system should be structured to be initially generous for all qualifying renewable energy, but it should decline over time. For example, offer a direct $2 per gallon subsidy for the first 250 million gallons of qualifying renewable fuel produced and sold as transportation fuel from a facility, and then $1 per gallon for the next 250 million gallons of qualifying fuel produced.

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“When I worked on Foyle’s War, there were a lot of structured uniforms. In contrast, The English National Opera and theatre productions such as Nutcracker for The English National Ballet presented opulence, abundance and a grand stage.