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One of the scenes I recall vividly from the original is Danny's father, Mark, walking through town. It's one long uninterrupted shot and highly effective in introducing some of the townsfolk of the series. All of whom will be a suspect in the murder of his son.

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When booking his cover, RP said he would want his annual service done in a specific month. When it came to it, Scottish Power could not conform to this due to lack of workforce availability at that time. After I contacted Scottish Power for RP, it said that it “sincerely apologised for any failings and, by way of an apology, we have refunded premiums paid under the agreement”. These also came to 169.

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Two months after unexpectedly decamping fromGoogle for SoftBank, Arora struck a $250million deal for a minority stake in Legendary Entertainment,announced on Thursday. Earlier, he had triedunsuccessfully to strike a partnership with DreamWorksAnimation, sources said.

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She acknowledges that she used to often put up a front, creating a "recklessly cheerful" persona who partied like a rock star without a care in the world. But the person she allows us to see in the book has weaknesses and fears, just like the rest of us. Simply put, she makes self-doubt look cool.

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When the curtain raises on the final next Wednesday, however, there will be no opportunity for second chances. According to Kimber, the crucial thing is for the contestants not to let the pressure (and presumably the soggy bottom innuendo) get the better of them when they’re kneading and rolling and stretching and shaping.

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Much of the 40 million of taxpayers\' money spent on planning for the now abandoned children\'s hospital at the Mater site in Dublin may have been wasted, the latest financial statements of the National Paediatric Hospital Development Board have indicated.

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She hails from an LDP faction that favors warm ties with China and South Korea, and is one of only four ministers in the 18-member cabinet not associated with nationalist lobby group Nippon Kaigi (Japan Conference), political analysts noted.

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Due to shrinking and disappearing sea ice caused by climate change, tens of thousands of Pacific walrus have hauled out far from their feeding grounds on shore near Pt. Lay, a village in Northwest Alaska. During a press teleconference Wednesday, Joel Garlich-Miller, a biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, said the haul-out of 35-thousand walrus this time of year in this location is a change from the past.

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The doses with which the US aid workers were treated were manufactured from biologically-engineered tobacco leaves grown at a facility in Kentucky, but it only has extremely limited production capacity.

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“What I like about Richard is his matter-of-fact, getting on with the job attitude,” says Tom Herbert, one half of the Fabulous Baker Boys. “That pencil behind his ear speaks volumes; he’s chilled, confident and isn’t in the least bit fazed by the tasks he’s been set.”

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A day before the machinery orders data is published, the finance ministry will announce the current account balance for August, which is forecast to show a surplus of 198 billion yen ($1.82 billion), according to the poll. That compared with a 416.7 billion yen surplus in July.

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Orr, whose powers were reduced by Detroit's electedofficials last week, testified earlier on Thursday that majorcreditors and others either filed or were poised to filelawsuits against Detroit after it declared bankruptcy.

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"The fact that two of the biggest cabinet positions in Nigeria, petroleum and finance, are held by women, show how far we have come," she told a recent meeting in Vienna, referring to the other prominent female member of the cabinet - Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

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Proceeds from the sales are expected to finance Linn's $2.3billion acquisition of assets from Devon Energy Corp,which closed in August, Linn said. (Reporting by Swetha Gopinath in Bangalore; Editing by SimonJennings)

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Social media is playing a bigger role in Afghan life, too. “Each of the 11 candidates in the election had a prominent social media presence, particularly Facebook, which is very popular in Afghanistan,” Shuja said.