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But what is there not to like about a gastro marathon, set in the heart of the France’s premier wine region, that runs through stunning chateaux and offers runners the chance to sample wine from 20 of the region's top vineyards while nibbling on entrecsteak or oysters? Heck, they even give you ice cream and champagne in the final few kilometres

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Instead, officers found Sterling hosting V. Stiviano — the woman whose recordings of him making racist remarks led to his removal as owner of the Los Angeles Clippers and a lifetime ban from the NBA.

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Judge Evilio Grillo also said he was not sure that he still had jurisdiction in the case, which ended when Jahi was declared dead and moved from Children's Hospital of Oakland to a facility in New Jersey earlier this year, after her mother went to court to prevent her from being taken off life support.

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The melting of the ice continued each year during this period. The changing situation has left many researchers stumped. And they have warned that things have reached to state from where it is difficult to return. All told, experts have suggested that there is no need to worry as the changes taking place is extremely small.

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“The only real outlier in the red states or purple states is Kay Hagan in North Carolina,” he said, referring to how the freshman Democrat has made a strong comeback. “By contrast, the race in New Hampshire is a whole lot closer than I’m sure Democrats expected it to be right now. Nobody can tell what the hell is going on there. Shaheen is not exactly a shoe-in incumbent.”

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"We found one in three TIA patients develop PTSD," said researcher Kathrin Utz, Ph.D., a post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Neurology at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany, in a news release. "PTSD, which is perhaps better known as a problem found in survivors of war zones and natural disasters, can develop when a person experiences a frightening event that poses a serious threat."

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But there are limits to technological and physical security. The White House, after all, is the people’s house and a residence for the president and his family. The Secret Service has to balance the president’s protection against the perception that the executive mansion has become an inaccessible medieval castle, with battlements and moat.

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The deal is expected to be quickly accretive to earnings andWise's earnings before interest, tax, depreciation andamortization (EBITDA) are expected to quadruple compared with2013 once capacity investments are completed, it added.

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The latest round of U.S.-brokered peace talks foundered in April over Israeli objections to a Palestinian political unity pact including the Islamist Hamas movement, which controls Gaza and seeks Israel's destruction, and Palestinian objections to unremitting Israeli settlement growth.

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But confirmation that young women are being operated on to comply with sport's rules on what "normal" female genitalia should look like has provoked outrage. Are male athletes subjected to the same scrutiny?

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Remember the dinner sequence towards the end of the film in which Leatherface slices Sally's finger, tenderly allowing the Grandfather to slurp down some of her blood? (Say what you like about Leatherface and his family: they respected their elders.) Actress Marilyn Burns's finger had to be cut in real life, after a prop failed to work properly. Burns, who died last month aged 65, also suffered numerous scratches and bruises from running through the woods, hurt her ankle, and was poked, prodded, dragged and hit during filming.

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Dr. Amesh Adalja, an infectious disease physician at the University of Pittsburgh, said contact tracing is “bread-and-butter public health," and something health officials do regularly to track tuberculosis, measles and sexually transmitted diseases.

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TCW, which is overseen by Tad Rivelle, chief investment officer of fixed-income, ranks in the top 25 fund families and has attracted the strongest net inflows so far this year, with Vanguard at No. 1 with net inflows of $86.5 billion, according to Morningstar data. Riville had worked for Gross at Pimco.

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The draft will be held one week earlier than last year, when it was pushed back two weeks to accommodate Radio City, but one week later than what had been its usual slot in late April. The draft was previously held in Chicago in 1938, 1942-44, 1951 and 1962-64.

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An improved SoundTouch app offers a more streamlined setup process that can now be done wirelessly from your tablet or phone. It lets you find artists and songs in your music library quickly with a new search function, and adjusts the low frequencies to your liking with a new bass control feature. For added flexibility, SoundTouch™ music systems are also AirPlay enabled to stream content from an iPad or iPhone.

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As is so often the case, it was at the point at which potential growth in China and elsewhere started to fade, perhaps inevitably, that leveraging up suddenly started to look like a bright idea. Unfortunately, taking on that leverage, especially, as was so often the case, to back low-yielding projects, only puts further restraint on future potential growth, magnifying the effect of its natural slowing.

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The rouble has been under heavy selling pressure for monthsdue to the Ukraine crisis and strong demand for dollars fromRussian firms shut out of international capital markets, whilefalling oil prices are the latest strain.

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Since few nations can go it alone militarily, alliances are now crucial for ensuring security. To mount a common defense, allies need weapon systems that can operate together. In military parlance, the ability to work with other systems and share data with them as if they were one system is known as “interoperability.”

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“We have repeatedly noted that it is dangerous to short stocks that have disconnected from traditional valuation methods,” Einhorn said while discussing a basket of shorts of unnamed momentum stocks he’d undertaken.

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This lets private business assume the technology risk, and they are therefore responsible for conducting a high level of due diligence. This takes the technology risk assessment out of the hands of the government, and it means that taxpayers won’t end up financing plants that never deliver.

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Up to 300 dealers at the flagship casino of MGM ChinaHoldings Ltd , a unit of U.S.-based MGM ResortsInternational, took collective sick leave at noon onFriday, said Ieong Man Teng, head of the Forefront of MacauGaming, the labour union behind recent protests.

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Whether or not Bill Clinton can pull Pryor or other red-state Democrats across the finish line remains to be seen. But the very fact that he's the one they now turn to — having shunned him a dozen years ago — is, itself, a big story. Guess we know why they call him the "comeback kid."

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But if women's sport is to have meaning there must be some boundaries. And if testosterone is so irrelevant how do we explain the fact that many of the best performances ever achieved by women came during an era when they were pumped full of it as part of an ideological struggle between East and West.

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JCT scores are based on projected alterations in taxpayer behavior due to tax law changes, but not on changes in the broad economy. For instance, standard JCT scores hold gross domestic product (GDP) constant. GDP measures the economy's total output.

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On Monday, Ford said that its European arm would lose about $1.2bn (750m) this year, with losses narrowing to about $250m in 2015. However, after three years of losses the European division was expected to return to profit.

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Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's People's Party will appealthe creation of the commission, the head of its Catalan divisionsaid. "Mas has lost his sense of responsibility, his sense ofstate and his common sense," said Alicia Sanchez-Camacho.

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During his time at Ofcom, Richards has witnessed the deployment of 4G infrastructure in the UK, which currently covers 73% of premises in the country, and is expected to grow to 98% next year, according to Ofcom. He has also regulated the rise of super-fast fixed broadband access and coverage, with the UK leading super-fast take up in the EU5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK) at 9% of the population.

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The combined options volume in September for Petrobras,Vale, Itau and Banco Bradesco, spiked to 4.60 million contracts,about double July and August's average monthly volume of 2.33million, according to Trade Alert.

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Last week, the FBI announced about a dozen Americans are currently fighting for ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Since fighting reached its fever pitch about 100 Americans have connected themselves to the savage terror group: The other 88 or so have returned to America, died in combat or were nabbed before they traveled to Syria, FBI director James Comey said.

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The case concerns Fauzia Din, who sued the government when her husband, Afghan citizen Kanishka Berashk, was denied a visa in 2009 on the grounds that he had worked as a payroll clerk for the Afghanistan government when it was controlled by the Taliban, an Islamist militant organization.

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In questioning by Soto, Orr said Detroit never undertook a comprehensive audit of the art work to determine its ownership. Orr had testified that some of the pieces had been purchased with tax money. Orr also said he did not know if the city had taken steps to verify a Michigan attorney general opinion that the art could not be sold to satisfy the city's debts.

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“Do I wish I was still there? I mean, who knows what would have happened if I was still there? Nobody knows. So I can’t look back at that with regret. And I’m sure they don’t look back at it with regret either.”

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I know what the counter-arguments will be. First, “I’m being a killjoy”. Because becoming a monk for a month and boring everyone else rigid with it is a bundle of megalolz. Second, “it’s all for charity”. OK but ye olde “it’s all for charity” excuse has long been trotted out to defend attention-seeking behaviour, be it wacky funsters sitting in baths of baked beans, undergraduates pulling Rag Week pranks or David Brent doing “that” dance. And third, “mind your own business”. Well, I would but people keep asking for my congratulations and cash.

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Dr Bart Adriaenssens, a behavioural ecology expert at the University of Glasgow, says: “One cliffhanger is why animals differ in the wild. Because if there’s one behavioural trait that pays off a lot and is very beneficial, then why don’t all animals have that trait?”


The markets were closed on Thursday for a holiday, but Hong Kong's benchmark share index, the Hang Seng Index, plunged 7.3 percent in September. Spooked by the protests, some banks and other financial firms have begun moving staff to back-up premises on the outskirts of the city.

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The ocean has been remapped in a more comprehensive way. Scientists have used two untapped streams of satellite data to create vivid pictures of the structures of the least explored and unknown regions of the ocean. The map has revealed thousands of previously uncharted mountains rising from the sea floor and will provide new clues about the formation of continents.

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Uncertainty about U.S. non-farm payrolls data due later in the day left traders set for a volatile session, as did lower volumes with several major centers including India, China and Germany shut for public holidays.