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The Dow Jones industrial average was falling 24.57points, or 0.15 percent, to 16,780.14, the S&P 500 waslosing 3.81 points, or 0.2 percent, to 1,942.35 and the NasdaqComposite was dropping 1.41 points, or 0.03 percent, to4,420.67.

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The European Convention on Human Rights is a monument to civilisation. On a continent disfigured by the barbarity of fascism and the tyranny of communism, it sought to set out and safeguard the freedoms that were every citizen’s democratic right.

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For some, this means the occasional dark day. For others, it signals a daily, probably diagnosable, problem. Where most organisations offer formal help, Parliament leaves its young women to step in.

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Yet U.S. officials have been strangely silent as the increasingly repressive regime of President Xi Jinping tramples on that pledge. They have urged protestors to avoid violence, even as police pelt them with tear-gas canisters.


We were in London a few weeks ago, and saw security at Downing Street that appears to be the sad necessity of the modern age. The street is completely blocked by high fencing and there were several machine gun-toting guards on duty. This may warm your heart or chill your soul, depending on the perspective. Some of the suggestions in this article, such as a higher, stronger fence and perhaps a second row, along with more and better staffing, make sense, and could be done without giving the impression of an armed camp, which is not in keeping with our society’s principles of openness and transparency.

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You can’t govern the country from one house of Congress. Republicans learned that hard, yet obvious, lesson with the disastrous shutdowns of 1995 and 2013. But controlling both houses would allow the GOP to produce a compelling legislative agenda.

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“What happens to quarterbacks is the eye level. They get tired of getting hit,” the source said. “They are looking more at the rush that they are downfield. When that happens, they are done.”

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MADRID, Oct 3 (Reuters) - The leader of Catalonia has set upa panel to supervise a contested independence referendum nextmonth, defying Spain's central government which has gone to thecourts to block the vote.

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Amnesty International, which has pressed Jabbari's case, released a statement that the execution initially set for Sept. 30 was postponed for 10 days, and decrying a conviction that stemmed from "a flawed investigation and unfair trial."

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For instance, while consumers can copy any CD they own and use one version in the car and another at home, they cannot later sell on the original disk if they retain the duplicates of it or MP3 conversions of its songs.

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Student groups welcomed the offer of talks, but they urged followers to stay where they were to keep up the pressure on the government. The "Occupy Central with Love and Peace" movement reiterated its demand that Leung step aside.