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Many of her funniest tales focus on her chronic attraction to jerks until she met her current boyfriend, fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff. She says he changed everything, and their healthy relationship put her in "jerk recovery," where she's able to be herself.

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“They’re obscure artists and they’re not artists that we’re normally familiar with, so in that respect it’s really exciting. In terms of the materials that they use, there’s one which is more traditional in that we expect to see pictures on the wall when we go to a gallery. But the others, they’re still pictures on a wall but they’re moving, there’s a lot of video and that’s what’s different this year,” says art critic Estelle Lovatt.

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The researchers didn’t modify the genes directly, instead electing to use adaptive laboratory evolution to achieve their goals. Several cultivations were grown at 40 degrees Celsius over a three-month period. After 300 generations had elapsed, the yeast eventually started to thrive.

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If those scientific, historical data-driven models are correct, that means the Republicans are all but assured of a five-seat gain and would need just one more pickup in order to claim a majority, Cillizza says. And there are a handful of races for Republicans to choose from.

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"Don't sit over there looking all innocent and Pius, you raped #Africa and now she is infected & only asking for medication and beds.." the "U Can't Touch This" singer tweeted early Thursday.

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Officials believe up to 160 Australians have been either involved in fighting in the Middle East or actively supporting groups fighting there. At least 20 are believed to have returned to Australia and have been said to pose a security risk.

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While Lilly's shares hardly budged on the news, the ADRs of Israel-based XTL Biopharmaceuticals Inc, which is developing its own lupus treatment, were up 87 percent at $3.09 in early afternoon trading.

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8. People have started taking selfies in museums. Earlier this year there was a #MuseumSelfie day – a fantastic idea. Museums are making a big effort to keep up with the digital age, to move their collections and the experience of engaging with them forward. People take selfies, so why not encourage this in a way that directly engages them with the museum experience?

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euronews: “Many of these young people that you’re talking about weren’t born when the Tiananmen Square protest happened 25 years ago. What makes them so determined to win, and so confident that they can win?”

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A Vatican source said "the pope is not thrilled" by the sometimes shrill tone of the debate even though he wanted to encourage dialogue. The source said Francis did not want the synod to be dominated by the "clerical ivory tower types".

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Martin Singer, an entertainment industry lawyer, said in a letter on Wednesday that Google "is making millions and profiting from the victimization of women" and could be liable for over $100 million in damages, the New York Post reported on Wednesday. The letter did not say which celebrities Singer represents.

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If the three-way coalition goes ahead, Bodo Ramelow would become Germany's first state premier from the Left, a deeply pacifist party that wants higher taxes on the rich and an expansion of the German welfare state.