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Even so, Republican lawmakers say they have enough votes to pass Keystone - all they need is a new Senate leader who will allow them to vote on a proposal, since Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada has declined to do so.

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Blessed with charisma and able to speak in the language of the common man, Modi has adopted a more personalised style of leadership role to bring focus to uncomfortable issues that past governments have often avoided.

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So what is causing this ice melt in the first place? One reason is due in part to accelerated glacial ice calving rates. This is really a loss of sea based ice which is causing the country to move at a quicker pace towards the ocean, thereby causing ice melt from the friction and movement. Of course, climate change also adds to this ice melt. But how does all of this relate to potential changes in the Earth’s gravity?

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"There is definitely more to come on the downside. Althoughit is not optimal for Saudi Arabia they can cope with lowerprices better than most and they may reap a dividend if lowerprices choke off fresh non-OPEC production," added ChristopherBellew, a broker at Jefferies in London. (Additional reporting by Manolo Serapio in Singapore, editingby David Evans)

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"It's a shame that I have spend 63 years in this business trying to introduce music to a larger audience and to make it easier for the younger artists who are coming behind me," he responded on Facebook. "You should be so lucky as us old-timers. Check back in 63 years...and let us know how your name and your music will be remembered."


** RCS Capital Corp, which has amassed an army ofalmost 10,000 independent brokers in just over a year, said onWednesday that it was buying a firm that manages private realestate investment trusts (REITs) for retail investors. RCS willpay at least $700 million in cash or stock and debt to buy ColeCapital from American Realty Capital Properties Inc.

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"We found that emotional, behavioural and substance use problems are 2.6 to 4.5 times more common among victims of cyberbullying. And these impacts are not due to face-to-face bullying, they are specific to cyberbullying," noted Prof Frank Elgar of McGill University.

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The dollar index rose, moving in sync with U.S. Treasuryyields, which have edged up in anticipation of a goodjobs number. The index was on track for a 12th straight week ofgains, a feat not seen in four decades, and highlighted howbullish investors were about the dollar's prospects.

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Obama's speech was interrupted by a heckler, who gave him ahard time for failing to take executive action on deportations.But the rest of the crowd largely embraced the president,representing another twist in a relationship that at timesresembles that of a married couple repeatedly squabbling andmaking up.