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SYDNEY - A commodity fraud at China's Qingdao port has hitbank financing of metal deals, sparking a surprise jump innickel exports and pushing back expectations of a global supplyshortage of the metal used mainly in making stainless steel.(CHINA-NICKEL/, moved, by Melanie Burton, 700 words)

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A delay in attacking these problems represents more risk to Mayor de Blasio than the annoyance of a rally near his office. A recent Associated Press report notes that the nation’s top 10% of income earners have increased spending on their kids by 35% in recent years — pouring a fortune into private-school tuition, bidding up home prices in districts with high-performing schools and paying so much money for extra help that some SAT tutors now make over $50 an hour.

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Seven months after Johnson’s stance that he was “not going to use the word ”patient’ anymore" because “we want to do it now,” the Jets owner did an about-face, falling back on general manager John Idzik’s nebulous “sustainable success” platform.

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“I think right now they’ve got enough talent to be a playoff team,” Reed said. “I think they have to play hard and play defense, I think they’re going to play hard and they’ll play defense and they’ll be unselfish. I really believe if everybody stays healthy, I think they’ll make it with the players they got now.”

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"As a result of the survey findings, we are at the National Ploughing Championships again this year to promote our free and confidential Mental Health Support and Information Service. It provides easily accessible free professional advice, guidance and support to help people manage mental health issues," explained the service's CEO, Paul Gilligan.

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The government's move this week to relax lending standardsfor mortgages would be welcomed by investors who worry China'seconomy is cooling too fast. But at the same time, it woulddisappoint millions of Chinese who feel that home prices arestill far too unaffordable, despite the recent price declines.

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You would think that the increase in security incidents, plus the fact that the incidents are getting more expensive and causing more widely spread repercussions, would mean that boardrooms would be abuzz with the call for more money in security budgets.

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Each system has strengths. SAMP/T has a 360-degree capability and, in test runs, has successfully intercepted SCUD-B ballistic-missile targets. Patriot is now developing a 360 capability and has taken out SCUD-Bs in combat and hit more challenging ballistic missiles as well. It also has two hit-to-kill interceptors in its family of missiles (necessary for threats more advanced than a SCUD-B), while SAMP/T is developing one.

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A-Rod said he planned to text Jeter that day, but thought better of it, so as not to be a distraction. “I’ve made it a point to stay in the penalty box,” he said. Instead, Rodriguez “opted to reach out to Derek in a private moment” several days later.

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"All pilgrims arriving through the 15 entry points had to fill in an application to tell us where they have been over the past 21 days, since that's the incubation period for Ebola," said Saudi Health Ministry spokesman Khaled Mirghalani.

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Two of the biggest nursing care systems, Genesis Health Systems and HCR ManorCare, are attempting to upgrade services for short-term rehab patients as they jockey for market share. Other systems are also adding new facilities.