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The Royals stole homefield advantage despite going 4-for-34 all night long. The Angels also had just four hits, as Mike Trout, Albert Pujols, Josh Hamilton and Howie Kendrick finished with a combined 0-for-18. Kole Calhoun did a good job leading off with a couple of hits, but the big bats that came on after him kept missing the opportunities given to them, as the Angels finished with a very poor o-for-7 with runners in scoring positions.

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management doesn't have a clue about how to compete in the new era of steroid less baseball (as far as we know) and pitchers that break down when they are old enough to become free agents - seems like there is an assembly line of young players pitch well then have their TJ surgery that knocks them out for over a season - why is that? It didn't happen in the old days when the starters were more durable

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"I've waited all my life to come here and honestly I wish to die here, so getting a virus is the last of my fears. As you see, I'm already in a wheelchair," said Ismail Saleh, a 71-year-old pilgrim from Egypt.

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According to researchers in the UK, while it is already known that weight gain during adulthood can be a risk factor for breast cancer, gaining weight in the waist area appears to be especially harmful.

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Genesis has a growing chain of 10 Power Back centers that are for rehab only. All rooms are private, a chef prepares food in an open lobby kitchen and the TVs have 400 channels for a fee of $3 per day. (Disclosure: My dad ended up in one of these centers).

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The Jets have the second-largest salary-cap surplus ($24.3 million, according to official NFLPA records) and the lowest total cash spending ($95.14 million, according to in the league, curious numbers given all their personnel needs this offseason.

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Knight, one of the study’s authors, said the idea behind a so-called lean office space is that clearing everything from the work surface except items needed for work is supposed to reduce distractions, which should then lead to better productivity.

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Diplomats told Reuters on Thursday that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was expected to make a new attempt soon to advance its long-running investigation into Iran's nuclear program and that a meeting might be held in the Iranian capital early next week.

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For the past two decades, reporters from the press, television and the web have studiously anointed Derek Jeter as saint and savior of the Yankees. He stood upright, played brilliantly quite often, and remained relatively unsoiled. We did the rest. We built his sterling reputation, accomplishing this while desperately, unsuccessfully attempting to glean even one meaningful quote from the great shortstop.

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“We’ve got to continue to improve player development and get these young players to be part of the team in addition to the seasoned veterans and the stars that we know we always have to have,” Steinbrenner said, naming minor-leaguers Rob Refsnyder, Jacob Lindgren and Luis Severino as possible contributors next year.

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“The people of Gaza[...] don’t represent a terrorist regime. [...] [T]hey are just people who are trying to live their lives as peacefully and as safely as possible. Just like you, there is a hope for a different future - a future of success, prosperity, safety and peace. They want it, they try to live it, and it’s our hope that we can work with them, and with you, to achieve it”.