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Other investments include art, which has seen both volumes and value traded rise in the last decade. Julius Baer, which has its own art collection and a team of curators, said this has coincided with an increase in the number of high net worth individuals in China and other emerging markets.

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For all the headlines grabbed by Pimco and Gross, and the various examples of asset outflows at mutual fund managers which can be particularly bad for listed firms, the biggest concentration of "key man risk" for investors is in the $3 trillion hedge fund industry.

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Currently, when cultivating yeast, the vats must be appropriately cooled to ensure the individual cells do not perish from the heat they themselves generate. While yeast is typically cooled to around 30 degrees Celsius to guarantee ethanol production, the process could be made more efficient and cheaper if yeast cultivation was set at 40 degrees Celsius; essentially, the cost of continuously maintaining the yeast at 30 degrees Celsius would no longer be a financial impediment. The yeast must also break down starch – the raw material required for bioethanol production – into individual sugar subunits. This reaction is optimal at 40 degrees Celsius.

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However, a presentation witnessed by The Telegraph, revealed the scanners used to analyse number plates make a mistake on four of every 100 reads. That equates to around 1.2 million motorists that could potentially wrongly receive a fine.

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Draghi will flesh out the ECB’s parallel plan to buy bundled-up loans — asset-backed securities — which has already been viewed with disquiet by Bundesbank chief Jens Weidmann.That may be heightened by the realisation that if the ECB is to open the offer to banks across the euro zone, it may have to take in some rather dicey looking collateral from the likes of Greece and Cyprus.

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Minnesota had the most notable injury when receiver Cordarelle Patterson left with a hip injury early in the third quarter after making a 6-yard catch. For Green Bay, defensive lineman Datone Jones left in the second quarter with an ankle injury.

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The system should be structured to be initially generous for all qualifying renewable energy, but it should decline over time. For example, offer a direct $2 per gallon subsidy for the first 250 million gallons of qualifying renewable fuel produced and sold as transportation fuel from a facility, and then $1 per gallon for the next 250 million gallons of qualifying fuel produced.