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Hong Kong was one of the few cities short-listed in 2009 topromote yuan business but its status as China's foremost yuanhub was cemented after a landmark agreement between China andHong Kong's central bank in July 2010.

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Perhaps in his first personal blog post on The Players’ Tribune, he can remind me and everybody else just when it was over the past two decades that anybody distorted anything he said, or embarrassed him, or misquoted him, or took anything he said out of context. No matter. No one officially knew, until Wednesday, what a threat he considered the media to what has now officially, up there in lights, become Jeter, Inc.

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In eastern Europe, Hungary's forint led a firmingof the region's currencies against the euro after the EuropeanCentral Bank on Thursday detailed its plans for buying secureddebt assets in the next couple of months.

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"More than anything, the question to the president is: 'How are you going to make sure that Latinos can trust you again?'" said Cristina Jimenez, managing director of United We Dream, an immigrant youth organization that has pushed Obama to slow deportations.

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"The people on the streets are asking for the right to nominate," says Mr Hoo. "Universal suffrage, under the international covenant, means that there are express rights to elect or be elected. There is no express right to nominate."

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“Even if Step was in, personally I would want to take the next step in my game,” Brassard, 27, said Thursday afternoon in Greenburgh while preparing for Friday night’s home preseason match against the Chicago Blackhawks.


U.N. officials have heeded the warning, saying governmentsmust focus not just on containing Ebola but also on the socialand developmental damage the disease is inflicting on some ofthe world's poorest states, still recovering from civil wars.

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So why is the NHS deemed to be the one department where savings cannot be found? The Treasury thinking is that this reflects the changing nature of society, and government. Part of it is ageing: an 80-year-old costs the NHS seven times as much as a 30-year-old. There are going to be far more of the over-80s around: modern medicine means we’re living longer than ever. And Osborne thinks this success carries a price tag that has to be paid through the NHS.

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"Our analysis shows that many policymakers working to restrict abortion are ignoring the evidence about what policies are well-documented to improve women's and children's lives," said Kelly Blanchard, president of Ibis Reproductive Health.

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Amongst the arms approved for Saudi Arabia were six weaponssystems for testing and electronic surveillance equipment. Thesecurity council also approved arms exports to Jordan, Kuwait,the United Arab Emirates, Algeria and Colombia.

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California, the first state to implement this law, will require colleges that want to keep their state funding intact to deploy the "affirmative consent" standard when adjudicating sexual assault cases. This means that campus authorities will have to establish whether the partners obtained "affirmative, conscious, and voluntary" agreement. Although non-verbal consent is allowed, verbal is better. And it has to be obtained at every stage — touching, kissing, and foreplay — not just initially.

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"Just go back with your memory to the last three years, even four or five years. We've done really a lot to improve the financing conditions. And now, of course, we are waiting," he said, commenting on a long-awaited improvement in lending.

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Zeron said the investigation was carried out jointly by various security agencies but the arrest was made by the army, an institution that has come under criticism recently for the June killing of 22 suspected gang members in a town south of Mexico City.

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There is little sign of it being put into imminent use but the vote gives the government powers to order incursions into Syria and Iraq to counter the threat of attack “from all terrorist groups”.By common consent, western air strikes alone are unlikely to vanquish IS and there is a great deal of doubt that Syrian and Iraqi forces can best them on the ground.

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“That’s the plan we have,” Alvarez said. “They’re Mexican dates and we want to recoup them and take over those dates. Those are important dates. The Mexicans want to see a Mexican fight. It’s a Mexican party.”

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