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LONDON, Oct 2 (Reuters) - UK short-term lender Wonga iswriting off the debt of around 330,000 customers worth about 220million pounds ($356 million), after being forced to overhaulits lending practices by Britain's financial regulator.

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"I think that its position is grossly misunderstood," he says. "Firstly, it's not a promise. It is a legal obligation, a constitutional obligation that they put in the Basic Law."

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The Liberal Democrats, the junior members of the coalition government, were on 6 percent while the anti-EU United Kingdom Independence Party was on 14 percent, when excluding nearly a fifth of respondents who said they either would not vote or did not know who to vote for.

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"Some are saying 'Why aren't you protecting Kurds in Kobani?' If the Turkish armed forces enter Kobani and the Turkmens from Yayladag ask 'why aren't you saving us?', we would have to go there as well," he said, referring to another ethnic minority in Syria across from a Turkish border town.

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“We’ve got enough talent on this team that I believe we’re going to win and I believe we’re going to win this year, so I won’t have to worry about it,” Ryan said. “I believe in my heart that I’ll be part of that long-term future.”

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With the Nets bleeding money, Ratner recently hired an investment bank to advise him on selling his 20% stake in the team. Ratner, who fought with neighborhood residents about the construction of Barclays Center, also sold a majority stake of his 15-tower apartment project around Barclays Center for $200 million to a Chinese government-owned firm.

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I mean, you can see the potential minefield here. I might have written that he was afraid of pussy cats, and then a word might have gotten dropped and, well, who knows what people might have thought he was really trying to say? Or what he’s had a phobia about all these years, even being this kind of man about town?

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But his words today threatened to spark a full-blown diplomatic storm as the French stood up for their country. Paris restaurateur Jean Bellamy said: “The economy may be in a bad way, but French values are eternal.

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I’m sure the requirement of photo ID is difficult for people who don’t drive or are recent immigrants. However, the majority of the population makes the effort to obtain photo ID for a drivers license. That effort is not unreasonable to ask of those who do not drive.

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"These measures are simple, inexpensive, risk free and can be used in offices, schools and at home. However, they must be performed correctly and age and gender specific cut-off values must be used," noted the study's investigator, Prof Peter Schwandt, of the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich-Nuremberg.


Concerns over the ongoing protests dragged Hong Kong'sbenchmark index down to its most technically oversold level in15 months, but short covering in the afternoon lent support to asubstantial rebound, analysts said.

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Lagarde has been beating the drum on deeper economic reformsfor at least the past two years although efforts to securetangible action in the euro zone have been stymied by Germany'sreluctance to embrace stimulus.

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That changes now as Bratton said he wants gone from the department any cop “who’s so callous, so brutal, so corrupt that they feel comfortable engaging in those acts of brutality, acts of corruption without fear.”

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On Saturdays I take my youngest, Rudy, to football. When he scores goals that’s always great for a mother to watch. I’ve been a football mum for quite a long time now and I still don’t know the lingo or the right things to say, but it’s great to give them encouragement.

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Jamari Lattimore intercepted Ponder’s pass over the middle on Minnesota’s drive after the Peppers’ touchdown, setting up Rodgers’ 11-yard scoring pass to Davante Adams to give Green Bay a four-touchdown lead with 4:55 left in the first half.

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JCT scores are based on projected alterations in taxpayer behavior due to tax law changes, but not on changes in the broad economy. For instance, standard JCT scores hold gross domestic product (GDP) constant. GDP measures the economy's total output.

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IVG spent more than 1 billion euros ($1.3 billion) onconstruction of The Squaire, but by the end of 2012 it had abook value of only 800 million euros. IVG has not published morerecent figures, but industry sources say the book value is nowaround 700 million.