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Scarborough stands accused of pocketing $38,000 in campaign donations, filing false disclosure reports and padding his expenses to the tune of another $40,000 — types of offenses that routinely get ignored in anything-goes Albany.

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Every week is so hectic with school runs and work meetings that I like to let the weekends happen at their own pace. I panic about making concrete plans because I feel I need space and time to let whatever moment I find myself in just unravel itself.

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Tokmakjian was once hailed as a model business partner who supplied crucial transportation equipment duringasevere economic crisis after the collapse of the Soviet Union. He evenreceived a business award from Fidel Castro.

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Indeed, while the Chinese government is allowing foreigninvestors more access to its onshore markets, it is alsoencouraging other financial centres, from Sydney to London, toput in place mechanisms for trade in offshore yuan.

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The 168-page sentencing document, reviewed by Reuters, portrays a pervasive pattern of Tokmakjian wooing public officials and executives of his joint venture partners.The document, signed by five judges of the Cuban court, was based on their findings from a two-week trial in June and provided the basis for punishment.

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The shooting of Michael Brown, 18, by officer Darren Wilson on a Ferguson street triggered days of protests and calls for justice. It also drew attention to the racial makeup of Ferguson compared to its city government.


The healthier, Tony Horton Kitchen (THK) brand meals — including a spicy quinoa salad with chimichurri dressing and a stacked roasted turkey breast sandwich on a whole grain flat bun — are available at 104 locations around Los Angeles.

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Experts believe that Liberia has turned to logging as a way of raising cash in difficult times. With the current Ebola outbreak having a significant economic impact on the country, the Norwegian deal is timely.

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Soto played video snippets of Orr media interviews and aJuly deposition to underscore that the "human dimension" of thepensioners was a factor in determining creditor recoveries eventhough Orr had initially intended to treat all unsecuredcreditors equally.

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Mr Cameron said the memorial wall from Camp Bastion, bearing the motto "for our tomorrow, we gave our today", will be taken back to the Staffordshire arboretum "so that future generations can see the service that was given here, the sacrifice that was made here, the fight that was had here and the reason why we did it".

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Keith Brown, transport minister, also expressed his delight at the strengthening of ties between the two countries, “I warmly welcome the announcement of this new route between Scotland and Canada, which will provide a boost to tourism and business on both sides of the Atlantic,” he said.

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Also in 2012, the firm was hit with the winding down ofseveral major cases, as well as a slowdown in its securitieslitigation and restructuring practices. Settlements were reachedin cases, which had once generated tens of millions in fees,against Bingham's clients Anadarko Petroleum Corp and MitsuiMOEX over the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Bingham'swork concluded defending Olympus Co. in a $1.7 billionaccounting fraud investigation, as did a lucrative copyrightinfringement battle on behalf of Oracle Inc against SAP AG.

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Most directors seem faintly embarrassed by the story of bible-bashing Minnie who repels the advances of a predatory Sheriff and falls instead for a repentant bandit: the plot turns on the cogs of Victorian melodrama and the picture of a backwoods settlement is quaintly drawn. But Jones must love the piece as much as I do, because he neither ironises, patronises nor sniggers at its naty.

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The VIX index of volatility, known as "the fear index", sitsat around 17, up nearly 50 percent since the end of August.However, it remains about 80 percent below the peak reached inthe crisis year of 2008 after swinging between 20 and around 47through the late 1990s and early 2000s.