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As part of a mission called the BioBlitz, a group of 10 ecologists scoured the 843-acre island, taking soil samples every 50 meters as tourists looked on, un-phased. It's already known that Central Park plays host to various animal and plant species, but there's a ton of invisible wildlife, too lurking beneath our feet.

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“GMB and the other trade unions on the staff side hope this programme of action will get some movement in this deadlock and we will plan further periods of action through the autumn and winter if it does not.

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They claim that allowing a smartphone to work out the cost of a ride is similar to using a taxi meter, which only black taxis are allowed to do in the UK. Minicabs, by contrast, quote a fixed fee ahead of the journey.

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Lenard added that retailers benefit from consumers spendingless money on gasoline and more on items such as potato chipsand soda, which have higher margins. (Reporting by Jarrett Renshaw. Editing by Andre Grenon)